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Some rare and interesting Conocybe found in Vyzhnytsia National Nature Park (Ukrainian Carpathians)

Mykola P. Prydiuk
Mycobiota 4: 1-24 (2014)
Published online: 2014-11-26
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The data about some interesting representatives of the genus Conocybe found in Ukrainian Carpathians (Vyzhnytsia National Nature Park) are presented. A total of 14 taxa (including three varieties) were found. Four species and one variety new for this country (C. apala, C. inocybeoides, C. juniana var. sordescens, C. magnispora, and C. tuxlaensis) are reported, as well as some previously unknown localities for a further 9 taxa (C. echinata, C. hexagonospora, C. juniana var. subsejuncta, C. macrospora, C. pulchella, C. rostellata, C. siliginea, C. subpallida, and C. subxerophytica var. brunnea).

Bolbitiaceae, Conocybe, rare species, taxonomy, Ukraine, Ukrainian Carpathians

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