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Biazrovia, a new genus of lichenicolous ascomycetes from Asia

Mikhail P. Zhurbenko & Javier Etayo
Mycobiota 1: 51-56 (2013)
Published online: 2013-01-11
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The genus Biazrovia is described from Siberia for the single new species B. stereocaulicolagrowing on Stereocaulon species. It is characterized by a lichenicolous habit; finally urceolate orange-brown apothecia; a cupulate non-hairy exciple; a hyaline, I−, K/I− hymenium; filiform, apically swollen paraphyses; 8-spored, I−, K/I− asci with an apically thickened wall without a distinct ocular chamber; and hyaline, trans-septate, smooth-walled, non-halonate ascospores. The new genus is provisionally included in the Ostropales.

lichen-inhabiting fungi, Ostropales, Russia, Stereocaulon