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New records of fungi, fungus-like organisms, and slime moulds from Europe and Asia: 20–27
Cvetomir M. (comp.) Denchev
Mycologia Balcanica 7: 117–123 (2011)
Published online: 14 January 2011
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Synnemacrodictys stilboidea on Ailanthus altissima and Juniperus chinensis is recorded for the first time from Korea and Asia. Occurrence of Diplodia subtecta on Acer palmatum, Melanconis aucta on Alnus glutinosa, and Microbotryum stellariae on Stellaria graminea is reported from Bulgaria. Records of three larger basidiomycetes are given as new for Ukraine (Cantharellus amethysteus) and Bulgaria (Sarcodon joeides and Pluteus salicinus). A new Turkish record of a myxomycete, Physarum perfectum, is also presented.

Acer palmatum, Ailanthus altissima, Alnus glutinosa, Bulgaria, Cantharellus amethysteus, Diplodia subtecta, Juniperus chinensis, Korea, Melanconis aucta, Microbotryum stellariae, myxomycetes, Physarum perfectum, Pluteus salicinus, Sarcodon joeides, Stellaria graminea, Synnemacrodictys stilboidea, Turkey, Ukraine