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Contribution to the lichenized and lichenicolous fungi in Bulgaria. II, the genus Caloplaca
Jan Vondrák & Štěpánka Slavíková-Bayerová
Mycologia Balcanica 3: 61–69 (2006)
Published online: 26 April 2006
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An annotated list of Caloplaca species occurring in Bulgaria, mainly the Rhodopes, Black Sea coast, and Pirin Mountains, is provided. Based on our collections, 50 taxa are listed, of which 17 are reported for the first time from the country: Caloplaca adriatica, C. albolutescens, C. cerinella, C. chrysodeta, C. crenulatella, C. erodens, C. flavocitrina, C. aff. furax, C. fuscoatroides, C. hungarica, C. inconnexa var. inconnexa, C. inconnexa var. nesodes, C. marmorata, C. obscurella, C. polycarpa, C. tiroliensis, and C. xerica. C. aff. furax is probably an undescribed taxon resembling the Mediterranean C. furax, but differing in particular characters.

biodiversity, Black Sea coast, Caloplaca, lichens, Mount Strandzha, Pirin Mountains, the Rhodopes